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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to yacht management and Marston Yachts is prepared to tailor an individual program around each owner's cruising plans.

Saint Barths

Many modern yachts are designed to be easily sailed and maintained by their owners with only intermittent assistance from specialized services providers. Meanwhile, over the last 10 years, automation and yacht-handling technology has increased the size of yachts couples can operate alone by some 20%. As a result, there has been a movement towards shore based “captain-style" care for owners of system-dependent yachts who prefer to sail without crew. Still, yachts of greater size and complexity require the attention of a full time crew to assure proper upkeep.

Whatever your yachting needs may be, Marston Yachts can help you arrange the right kind of professional care when you need it ... worldwide.





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